Yamaha logo

Yamaha logo
Founded: 1955
Yamaha headquarters: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Official website: www.yamaha-motor.com

The Yamaha company looks to future and continuously moves forward to ever more ambitious targets. Because the unique spirit of Yamaha Motor Company Limited consists exactly of this stuff. To present more pleasant emotions to people from the entire world and help them in their self-realization, Yamaha Motor Company Limited invariably aims at perfection.

Yamaha Logo Meaning and History

Yamaha logo history

Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese concern manufacturing household appliances, acoustic electronics, acoustic engineering, sport equipment, musical instruments, motorcycles and many other articles.


The name of its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, is the bedrock of the name of the trademark. Because he had been studying the western science and technology since youth, initially, Yamaha was engaged in the repairs of the medical equipment. Then he got an organ repair order. Consequently, this activity resulted in the birth of the trademark Yamaha. Yamaha, confident in the potential of his business, had to face huge obstacles while the foundation of the company Yamaha Organ Works. However, his entrepreneurial spirit, shrewdness and striving to overcome difficulties helped him to realize his dream with a success. Precisely, this spirit underlies the trademark Yamaha and is the living legacy of the corporation Yamaha of today.

Yamaha logos

The history of the Yamaha Motor Company began with a plant of motorcycles founded on the 1st of July, 1955. In 1960, the production of powerboats and outboard motors was launched. Since that time, continually refining its own technologies of manufacturing of engines and reinforced polymers, Yamaha Motor Company creates and distributes throughout the world a broad range of products for various purposes.

Yamaha symbol

At present, Yamaha Motor Company is one of the largest world manufacturers of motorcycles, goods for leisure and work on water and power appliances. Yamaha Motor Company manufactures and sells motorcycles, motor scooters, all-terrain motor vehicles, snowmobiles, bicycles with electric drive, boats, sailed yachts, wave runners, multi-purpose and fishing vessels, outboard and stationary boat motors, pendant generators, water pumps, cars for сarting, golf-buggies, pools, automotive engines, commercial cars, helicopters of the industrial purpose with remote control, and other products. The branches of the firm are located in more than 30 countries; its representative offices are in more than 60 countries of the world.

logo yamaha

Initially, in 1898, the phoenix bird keeping a tuning fork in its beak appeared on the logo of the just established company Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd. A little bit later, in 1927, the Phoenix stopped being depicted on the logo, and three tuning forks appeared along with the logo Yamaha Veneer. Since those times, “three tuning forks” are an indispensable attribute of the company logo reflecting three bases of the enterprise Yamaha in accordance with the corporate legend, technology, production, and sales.

Yamaha logo description


Three tuning forks on the Yamaha logo symbolize interaction of three pillars of the company’s business: technologies, production, and sales. They also restore the sustainable viability, which created reputation to the sound and music worldwide, a kind of a territory marked by an enclosing circle. This logo also denotes three most important music elements:  melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Yamaha logo description

The graphical Yamaha symbol including in itself the Yamaha logo and the tuning fork image was accepted in 1967, which coincided with the introduction of the standardized designation of a tuning fork. This type of Yamaha symbol was used within many years in different forms. The modern graphical Yamaha symbol was developed in 1998.

Yamaha emblems


The most obvious difference is the choice of colors: violet for the Yamaha Corporation emblem and red for Yamaha Motor. Also, the version used by Yamaha Corporation has the tips of the tuning forks within a circle, while in the Yamaha Motor emblem, the tips are longer and go outside the circle. In addition to this, there is a difference in the way the letter “M” is typed.

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