Victory Logo

Victory Logo
Founded: 1997
Victory headquarters: Spirit Lake, Iowa, USA
Victory parent: Polaris Industries
Official website:

Although Victory Motorcycles was a rather well-known brand, on January 9, 2017, its parent company, Polaris Industries Inc., issued a statement claiming it is starting to wind down its Victory Motorcycle operations.

Victory Motorcycles logo meaning and history

Victory logo history

Victory Motorcycles was established by Polaris Industries Inc., a Minnesota manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATVs, electric vehicles and watercraft. Victory started production at the end of summer of 1998. Its main focus is manufacturing V-Twin cruiser and touring motorcycles with progressive styling. In 2009 the company made its 50,000th motorcycle. In 2011 Polaris purchased Indian Motorcycles, which also started a new era for Victory Motorcycles.

In 2017, Victory Motorcycles began to wind down operations. What were the reasons behind this decision? In its official statement, Polaris mentioned that the company failed to get the market share it needed to be profitable, while Indian Motorcycle showed a better growth potential. So Polaris decided to focus its investments only on Indian Motorcycle.

Victory Motorcycles emblems

Victory Motorcycles emblems

The current Victory Motorcycles emblem focuses around a large red letter “V.” The words “Victory” and “Motorcycles” are placed at the center of the “V” letter, and there’s also a small inscription “USA.” As compared to earlier versions, this symbol looks more simple and laconic.

Victory Motorcycles symbol versions

Victory motorcycles symbol

Probably the most familiar version is the most minimalistic one. Throughout its history Victory Motorcycles had several emblems with more details.

We should certainly mention the old-school one where the word “Victory” appears as written by hand. It has a simple black-and-white color scheme. One more version has a winged letter “V” and a globe in the center, with the word “Victory” at the top and the inscriptions “Polaris,” “Motorcycles”, and “Est. 1954” at the bottom. You might have also seen the version with a skull.

Who makes Victory motorcycles?

Polaris is known as one of the first companies to manufacture snowmobiles. The company wanted to make its product range more diverse and eventually decided to create a large motorcycle that would compete with Harley-Davidson.

Where are Victory motorcycles made?

Victory Motorcycles had its final assembly facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The Spirit Lake factory was the place where the first motorcycle, the V92C, rolled off the assembly line in 1998, and it was also the place where the last bike was made in 2017.

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