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ural motorcycle logo
Founded: 1941
Ural founder: Soviet Government
Ural headquarters: Irbit, SVE, Russia
Official website: www.imz-ural.com

The Ural brand was originally developed in the USSR as a military motorcycle. The BMW R71 model was taken as the basis, which was because of intensive military and industrial cooperation between the USSR and Germany on the eve of World War II. After minor processing by Soviet designers, a motorcycle Ural M-72 was designed. With minor improvements, this model was produced until 1951.

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The design bureau, which was engaged in the improvement of this model, was in Irbit during the Second World War. In the same place, heavy motorcycles were produced under the Ural logo. True, the production was based on the former brewery, not the car factory, and therefore the number of bikes produced was limited.

Ural Motorcycle Logo

At the end of the Second World War, Ural motorcycles received both intramarket (still mostly for military needs) and the export option. These motorcycles were exported to 64 countries around the world.

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