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Founded: 1885
Triumph headquarters: Hinckley, Leicestershire, England
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Triumph occupies a special place. This is not only a legendary English motorcycle producer but a serious “combat unit” in the theatre of motorcycle activities. The emigrant from Germany, who arrived to Great Britain in 1880 and started selling sewing machines and bicycles there, stood in the origins of this known make.

Triumph Logo Meaning and History

The history of the Triumph company began more than a century ago when in 1880, the emigrant from Germany Siegfried Bettmann (1863-1951) began to trade in sewing machines and bicycles in Great Britain. Later, in 1985, together with another German Schulte Moritz (Maurice), they founded the company Bettmann & Co and started to sell bicycles and motorcycles under the brand Triumph. The first motorcycle was called simply – No. 1. Since the first models, the company is known as a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable mcies. Over time, not only average citizens but the British servicemen as well began to pay attention to them. Thus, the British army ordered the company mcies.

triumph logo history

In 1920, the company sought to launch manufacturing of vehicles, but they chose a bad moment for that– “The Great Depression,” which did not allow the company to make car production profitable, was approaching. In 1936, the owner of Ariel John “Jack” Sangster bought the motorcycle plant Triumph and appointed Edward Turner the General Director and the general designer of the renovated company, which was replenished by the best engineers from Ariel.


The successful launch in 1937 of production of Triumph Speed Twin – a motorcycle, which for several next years determined the direction for many motorcycle manufacturers, is considered the major event for the company.

Triumph logo

In 1940, the plant Triumph in Coventry became the target of bombardments of German aviation; and only two years later, the owners managed to restore the production of motorcycles. In the US, meanwhile, the make Triumph sounded ever more strongly, and the company became very popular by 1950.


The success followed the company until the 1970s when Japanese motorcycle producers entered the struggle for the European market. The drop in sales occurred on the backdrop of the company’s victories in motorcycle competition.

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In 1983, the English investor John Bloor, who spent a great sum on the reorganization of the plant and creation of the new model line Triumph, acquired the company. Sometime later, the new plant force-fed with many modern technologies was built. The company assigned great hopes to it.

In 1990, the updated line of Triumph motorcycles animated the make. Today the company produces the motorcycles with engines from 600 to 2300 cm³ of volume.

In 2002, the fire destroyed one of the plants of the Triumph company, but in just six months, the production facilities were restored, and it became another triumph of the company and its dedicated employees.

Triumph symbol

Now Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. is a part of the Bloor Holdings company. Triumph has seven regional marketing and distributor units in different parts of the world. The volume of sales of Triumph motorcycles is around 40-45000 units a year.

Triumph logo description

The present Triumph logo for sport bikes appeared in 2011. It is the word “triumph” in black color on the white field. Its letters are in sans serif style. It is used on the Speed Triple, Street Triple and Daytona 675.

Triumph logo description

However, in 2013, the make introduced a modified logo. It was designed by the London office of Wolff Olins with the typographic help of Rick Banks. It is the Triumph logo with rounded corners.

There is also an actual Triumph Triangle. The Triangle has a part of the Union Jack flag inside. It also looks like a pair of mechanical wings. This logo is used on Triumph motorcycle products and accessories.

And finally, there is a present Triumph Swoop with New Triangle.
It is used on Triumph motorcycle merchandise and accessories as well.

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