Taiwan motorcycles

Taiwan is mainly a country of scooters, more than 90% of motorcycles here are scooters. The production of motorcycles in Taiwan has already developed for more than 50 years, and the quality of local facilities is highly competitive with Japanese and European ones.


After a visit to the plants of local motorcycle industry leaders, it can be said with confidence that the assembly quality of units and parts is irreproachable. The Taiwanese ride on secondhand Taiwan scooters, but annually the fleet of new motorcycles is replenished with 800 000 units.



Founded: 1978

Taiwan company Adly is one of the first companies, which started to produce buggies. It was founded in 1978. Already by the end of the 80s, the company won prominence among European countries. However, recently, it became possible to buy a buggy Adly under its own make. Before buggies were sold under brands of Germany and Italy. Today, the production of ten batches of baggies with one-cylinder engines of the own construction is the basic activity of the company.



Founded: 1970

The company Aeon was founded in 1998. The model range of the concern has a wide variety of products, starting from sport models of facilities to utilitarian quad bikes. High production resources of the plant, continuous control over the level of costs, careful approach to buyers` requirements make facilities of the concern Aeon Motor Co, Ltd unmatched.



Founded: 1963
Website: www.kymco.com

Kymco is the trademark of Taiwan Corporation Kwang Yang Motor Co. which started its activity in 1965 under license of the concern Honda. The company organized its design department only in 1979, and the first independent models were produced only in the 90s. One can meet usual scooters, their maxi options, quad bikes, light motorcycles under the make Kymco. The company introduces interesting industry solutions continuously.



Founded: 1964
Website: www.pgo-scooter.com

PGO is one of the oldest motorcycle construction companies in the Pacific region. The motorcycle brand was founded in 1964 in Taiwan and is the biggest in the world for today. Currently, the production and development of moderately large units of a road type is the main direction of work of these Taiwan constructors.