Spain motorcycles

The Spanish can be confidently called conscious motorheads. For instance, Barcelona takes the first place in Europe for the number of motorcycles per capita.

The history of its relationship with this two-wheel transport is filled with various events and is rather amazing. Moreover, on the 11th of May, 2011, the opening of Museo de la Moto (the museum of mcies) took place in the very center of the Gothic quarter familiar to tourists from all the world. The museum became the new cultural center, which is intended to become a landmark for real motorcycle admirers.



Founded: 1980

In 1980, the known motorcycle racer Francisco Almirall decided to manufacture and sell motorcycles Alfer, which he developed and designed himself. As the results of the activity of the new motorcycle company showed, this solution turned out a success. Wonderfully understanding the requirements imposed to sport off-road motorcycles, Almirall paid careful attention to each detail in the construction of his motorcycle and to the skill of its assembly.



Founded: 1958

The make Bultaco significantly influenced the historical development of this type of transport. The famous models of motorcycles such as Tralla, Matador enduro, Sherpa T are prominent representatives of the make Bultaco created by Francisco Bulto in 1958. Des pite all successes, in 1979, the plant Bultaco was closed. There were attempts to resume the operation of the plant afterward. However, the volumes of its production were completely small and gradually reduced to zero.



Founded: 1922

Derbi Nacional Motor is a known motorcycle company founded in the 80s of the 20th century. It is a part of giant Italian motorcycle holding company Piaggio & Co. S.p.A. Derbi motorcycles are sold mainly in Europe, but they are also distributed in America. Small-sized sport motorcycles, as well as low-end scooters and city motorcycles, are the main production of the make.

Gas Gas


Founded: 1974

Spanish motorcycles` maker Gas Gas launched its activity in 1987. Originally, the company’s developers set a course for construction and production of the light motorcycles which, mostly, belonged to sport units from the enduro trial class. Later the Spanish designers began to sell Gas racing super motorcycles as well.

Montesa Honda


Founded: 1944

The company was founded in 1944 by Pedro Permanye and Francisco Balto. The first prototype was based on the French motorcycle Motobecane. Soon the company started the production of engines of its own design, which led to the production of its independent model. In the 60-70s, the make had its peak of popularity. Then the crisis of the 80s took place, and the make sold a part of its shares to Honda, which led to the expansion of the company’s sale market.

MH Motorcycles (before: Motorhispania)


Founded: 1942

The motorcycle brand of Spain carries out its activity for a long time. The development and creation of small and low-end motorcycle units, which are intended for traveling across the city and domestic problem solving is the main direction of work of these Spanish constructors. This brand of Spain sells motorcycles MH (Motorhispania) in Europe, as well as in the countries of the Pacific region.



Founded: 1924

Manuel Giro owned a large-scale and profitable enterprise for production of film projectors and other cinema apparatus and was a compulsive motorcyclist. Thus, the family make was created.  The company produced racing, road, and off-road motorcycles. The racing driver Mick Andrew won the title of the champion of the world in a multistage race of Europe for the company, but then he jumped ship, having chosen Yamaha. That was the end of the old family business in 1984, and the make turned into a cooperative under the name of Ossa. But it did not have a success and reduced its activity by the end of 1985.



Founded: 1934

1952 is the year of formation of the company Rieju when its founders began to sell Rieju motorcycles having low-power engines 50 cm³ of volume. The company strives to use the latest technological achievements allowing to get maximum capacity from engines of minimum volume. The Italian firm Minarelli, which is famed for the production of reliable, powerful and economical engines, helps the company.




The company Sbay Motor in Sotogrande on the south coast of Spain produces high-performance motorcycles for the customers, for whom exclusiveness, maneuverability, power, and uniqueness of feelings are important. All the motorcycles and the engine V-Twin are produced and adjusted individually; each customer takes part in the production process. The carbon fiber, heavy-duty aluminum alloys, and components of such leading companies as Ohlins, Brembo or Rizoma, are used for mcies` creation.


Sherco logo

Founded: 1998

The company Sherco formed in 1998 under the management of Marc Tessier. Sherco motorcycles occupied their niche of the motorcycle market solidly and are produced for trial-sport. For the moment, the company offers to choose one of more than one hundred models in 50 countries of the world. The main plant of trial motorcycles is located in Spain. There is also a plant in France, which produces enduro and Supermotard.



Founded: 1960s

The make of Spain Santana is familiar to fishermen and huntsmen. It appeared in 1955 as a joint brainchild of the firm Metalurgia de Santa Ana S.A. and the company Land Rover. 28 years later, the British came out of Santana Motor shareholders, and the concern Suzuki became its new partner. Thus, the Spanish began to manufacture off-road vehicles of the SJ series under license of Japan. Admittedly, in 1999, Land Rover returned to Spain and together with Santana Motor began to manufacture off-road vehicles, Santana Anibal. They are exported under the Spanish make Santana.



Founded: 2010

The Brand Volta Motorbikes is founded by Marc Borcelo, an industry designer with great work experience in the car sector. He set himself the goal to create “an eco-friendly city motorcycle with brilliant characteristics and a tempting design.” Such a motorcycle came into the market in the second half of 2012 in three versions: City, Sport, and MyVolta.