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sachs logo
Founded: 1886
Sachs headquarters: Nuremberg, Germany

The history of the German company Sachs began in 1886. It was then Karl Marshutz founded a bicycle factory and named it Hercules-Werken. For 10 years the number of bicycles produced has grown to several thousand a year.

In 1905, the company began to produce motorcycles for which engines from other manufacturers were installed. And since 1928 also started production of motorcycles with motors of their own production.
Since 1995, the Sachs trademark in respect of bicycle production has been sold to the Dutch company Atag, and motorcycles have retained the Sachs logo.

In 1997, the production of several models of Sachs bikes with 125 cm3 engines began, and a contract was signed with Daimler-Benz for the production of a hybrid Mercedes motorcycle. In 1998, the company joined the Winning Wheels Holding

sachs emblem

In 2002, SACHS produced a limited series of the legendary MUENCH MAMMUT 2000, which is the most powerful and expensive production motorcycle in the world.

In 2005, SACHS celebrated the 100th anniversary of the production of motorcycles.

Currently, the production program of SACHS Bikes includes motorbikes with electric motors and engines, mopeds, scooters, road motorcycles, as well as dual-purpose motorcycles with engines with a working volume from 125 to 800 cm³