Russian motorcycles

As means of transport, the motorcycles premiered in the twentieth years of the XXth century. They had special popularity in West until they appeared in Russia in the 1950s.


Rather, they appeared there much earlier, but these were items from foreign plants. The mass production of Russian motorcycles started in the 50-70th.

Russian motorcycles brands

Among the Russian motorcycle plants, the Izhevsk plant (Izh), Degtyarev plant in Kovrov (Voskhod) and the Irbit motorcycles Ural are the most known producers.

The production of the first mcies Izh started in the distant prewar year 1929. And not long ago (in 2008), the production of familiar motorcycles in Izhevsk “died”. Izhmash did not have enough state support.

Russian motorcycles Izhevsk logo

Voskhod was once the all-union known brand of light mcies. Many of its spare parts are interchangeable, for which the owners of motorcycles are grateful to the constructors from Kovrov up to now. The Russian motorcycles of the mentioned make became the further development of the motorcycle series К 175 popular in olden times.

Russian motorcycles Degtyarev plant logo

All mcies of the make Ural are known for their large construction and the presence of the side type trailer or, in other words, of a sidecar. The presence of a drive gear even for the wheel of the sidecar is the pride of creators of the last models of Ural. In addition, it is represented by a switched off, non-differentials system.

Modern market of Russian mcies

The Irbit motorcycle plant still has the slight prospects to “live” and to “grow”. Today the mcy Ural Volk, which was produced with an allowance for wishes and recommendations of Moscow bikers from MU “Night Wolves”, is well known.

Russian motorcycles Ural Volk logo

The producers of Voskhod and Ural confidently remain among the most mass makers in the Russian motorcycle business.

And here is a young mcies` brand IRBIS. The bikes of the trademark IRBIS represent the motorcycle brand widely advertised in Russia. It is originally from Vladivostok. The patriots, who believe that Russian iron horses must not be inferior in anything to foreign ones, created this brand.

In years of their existence, the Russian motorcycles brands have learned to create bikes allowing for practical requirements of motorcyclists. The companies managed to adjust a serious feedback to their customers. The Russian motorcycles became popular not only in beginning motorcyclists’ circles but among experienced bikers. Besides Russia, these models are required in CIS and Baltic countries, widespread in the Middle East.


Russian motorcycles Jawa logo

Information: Jawa logo description
Founded: 1929

Jawa distributed in Russia is the make of Czech road motorcycles. Nowadays the Czech concern develops and produces new models of mcies, including special versions by orders of other countries. In USSR, Jawa mcies were considered the best of the available ones for sale nationwide. The members of the combined Russian team on speedway continue to use Jawa bikes in competitions.


Russian motorcycles Minsk logo

Founded: 1951

Minsk, which is popular in Belarus, is the make of Belarusian motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes and snowmobiles. They are produced at the motorcycle-bicycle Minsk plant (Belarus). At present, radical changes are made at the plant. The cooperation with foreign partners in the field of the development and design of new, modern, inexpensive and high-quality mcies is in progress.


Stels logo

Founded: 1996

Stels is a specially invented trademark for sale of Chinese motorcycles in Russia. However, today the brand has acquired sufficiently wide popularity all over the world. In 2003, the production of Stels units started in Russia (the plant Velomotors). The plant produces bikes, quad bikes, bicycles under licenses of the leading Asian manufacturers.