Puch Logo

Puch Logo
Founded: 1899
Puch founder: Johann Puch
Puch headquarters: Graz, Austria
Official website: puch-bikes.com

Puch has become the largest and oldest motorcycle manufacturer in Austria. Its history began in 1890 when Johann Puch founded his own bicycle factory in Graz. In 1898, the first two-cylinder engine was built on it.

Puch A debuted the first motorcycle Puch in 1903.

In 1936, model P 800 became the most popular pre-war motorcycle of the company Puch and the flagship of its model program, and it was distinguished by a four-cylinder lower-valve opposed engine (792 cm³, 20 hp)

While maintaining a two-piston scheme, post-war motorcycles Puch have significantly lost the custom part of their design.

Puch Symbol

Since the mid-60s, the interests of the company have shifted towards off-road motorcycles, and later on a diverse 50-cubic meter technology. In this sector, the brand Puch lasted until 1987, when it joined the Piaggio Trust.