Other motorcycles

Whatever the case, even not popular motorcycle brands have their own, sometimes unexpected history. Also, they may possess an unusual design, outstanding technical performance, unique logo and some other inimitable advantages.

Thus, due to proper care, they can serve faithfully for a long time. Maybe learning about one of these brands, someone will want to buy an iron horse belonging to one of these makes. And one will not regret it. The information about some of them is expounded below.


brp logo

Information: BRP logo description
Founded: 2007

The Canadian concern Bombardier Recreational Product (BRP), which is world- famous for its snowmobiles and jet skis, produces the mcies under this trademark. Since 2008, the company came to the motorcycle market sector with an unusual model – a three-wheel roadster Can-Am Spyder. This hybrid of a motorcycle and a sport car combines car stability and improved comfort with bright feelings from motorcycles.


Hyosung logo

Founded: 1966
Website: www.hyosung.com

The company Hyosung belongs to the large holding company S&T Group. The main part of its production includes motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes. There are various mcies in the line: from city mcies, sport bikes and off-road models to large tourist mcies. Due to the successful combination of modern design and reliability with a reasonable price, they are well-known in the world. The company logo consists of a word “Hyosung” and a stylized image of a wing over it. The logo color is blue.


Fred Hayes, the executive director of the Hayes Diversified Technologies company, a supplier of the army, got the task to create a diesel motorcycle. The army motorcycle HDT M103M1 became the result of the work. It uses the chassis, separate engine components and the transmission of Kawasaki KLR650, but it has an engine running on diesel fuel. The civil model of this motorcycle can appear after an army version.