MZ Motorrad logo

mz motorrad logo
Founded: 1906
MZ Motorrad headquarters: Zschopau, Germany
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The brand MZ (Motorrad Zschopau) appeared in 1956 appeared for the first time, with motorcycles produced at the former DKW company.

World fame for these machines came thanks to race tracks: two-stroke engines designed by engineer Walter Kaaden still determine the development of racing technology.

After the unification of Germany, the company was privatized, received the name MuZ, and in the suburb of Csopau a new company was built.

mz motorrad emblem

In the mid-90s, the firm was under control of the Malaysian concern Hong Leong Industries Berhad, and in 1999 it returned the former name MZ.

Today, the MZ logo production includes electric bikes, road motorcycles and dual-purpose motorcycles with 125 and 660 cm3 engines. In September 2000, the company introduced a prototype MZ 1000S with a two-cylinder 1000-cc engine of its own design.

The company also sells a scooter made in Taiwan under their own name.