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mv agusta logo
Founded: 1945
MV Agusta headquarters: Varese, Italy
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The first owner of the company, Giovanni Agusta, organized aviation production in 1907. The products were reliable and very popular during the First World War. After 1927, the volume of aviation orders dropped significantly, due to which they decided to expand the range of products. In particular, at the expense of the production of motorcycles.

However, during the Second World War the company MV Agusta ceased to exist. Nevertheless, after it was closed, the brand received a second chance at life – in the company Meccanica Verghera, which specializes in the production of bikes. In 1945 already, the buyers were presented with the first MV Agusta motorcycle. There were 2 modifications, for travel and economy type.

In 1947, the moto company MV Agusta took part in the Milan Motor Show, where several novelties were presented.

mv agusta emblem

In the beginning of the 1950s the company’s participation in moto competitions was renewed, which allowed to strengthen confidence in the brand and product under the logo of MV Agusta.

In 1953, the production volume of MV Agusta for the first time reached 20,000 motorcycles thanks to the full range of models, as well as the production of original MV Agusta 125 Pullman bikes.

In the second half of the 1950s, the motorcycle market was still booming, but the first signs of an impending crisis were beginning to appear, which forced many motorcycle manufacturers to reduce investments in motorcycling.

In 1959, the company’s motorcycles received a new lubrication system, which allowed MV Agusta engines to achieve incredible reliability.

In 1992, the brand was bought by Cagiva Motor, and five years later, in 1997 the new owner of the brand introduced the new product – MV Agusta F4.

Today the company MV Agusta produces motorcycles special series Senna, sports SPR, as well as the latest model Brutale.