The first motorcycles appeared in the 19th century: a small steam engine was attached to the bicycle frame. However, motorcycles in understanding started to appear at the beginning of the 20th century. Just then, the first Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Benelli, BMW motorcycles and many others were created. Back at that time, the initial division into different types began.

Wooden motorcycle Daimler

Some background of mcies

The 50-60s became golden time for many manufacturers: the sales volumes were increasing; the development of new technologies was very active in the production of mcies. Many first motorcycles of the famous now Japanese companies, like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki appeared. Initially, the low-cubature items of these motorcycle manufacturers were not taken by European companies as a serious threat. However, two years later, the high-tech Japanese motorcycles ruined many makes of the Old World.

In the 80-90s, sport bikes appeared – the high-speed kings, which became a range for a test of the newest technologies. Different off-road motorcycles models got great popularity – various kinds of racing competitions appeared, and many companies started to look for their places in the new sectors.

And now…

At the moment, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers carry the active expansion to the world market. Their models are not yet characterized by something special from the technological point of view. However, due to a low price, Chinese motorcycles have a steady demand. Meanwhile, European and Japanese companies give a great attention to new, eco-friendly technologies – electric motorcycles appear – and they also try to reduce fuel consumption of traditional engines. The tradition of custom bikes develops actively– the small workshops all over the world produce hardly classified motorcycles, which are completely not similar to serial models.

Riding styles

There are many makes of motorcycles, which have popularity and depend on the style that their rider prefers. There are different styles of riding: cruiser, sports, standard and universal.

The most popular cruiser brands are Harley-Davidson and Suzuki. The mcies Harley-Davidson are known for their loud exhaust, sensational large chromium amount, and a relaxed posture while driving. Suzuki (a cruiser) is like Harley-Davidson, but it is much cheaper.


Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Ducati dominate in the sporting class in the market. Different companies often have motorcycles, which are similar in a style, price, and size. The same makes are also competing manufacturers for standard motorcycles. However, Harley-Davidson owns the company under the name of Buell, which produces standard motorcycles, but it was decided to retain an original style, and not to compete with the same structural design.

Honda is the most popular brand of motorcycles for trips. Honda Goldwing is created and has great popularity among the motorcyclists, who prefer comfort. These motorcycles are optimal for long-distance trips, they are usually delivered with a radio, a very comfortable driving position; and some of them even have an inverse gear.

2012 Honda Gold Wing

Some makes of motorcycles managed to prove themselves equally in a sport class and the trips, for example, Husqvarna and KTM.

So putting aside an excessive amount of explanations, mcy is an alternative means of transport, which provides a lot of impressions eluding definitions. Some people prefer the thrill of flexibility and speed, others come to the mcy riding through the social spirit of partnership, while the third ones just enjoy the sense of openness, which comes from the effect of elements while riding.