Motorcycles USA

Without the activity of many Americans, the lines of modern motorcycles could be much poorer. The Americans affected the development of road motorcycles more than other nations.


This is not the case of only Harleys, but almost of each modern brand. Just look at modern Chinese motorcycles. They are almost a copy of American models.

USA motorcycles brands

The American motorcycles got a chance for worldwide influence for the special reason. The matter is that with the huge territory, the residents of the US required means of far continuous relocation. Formerly, American cowboys rode to and fro on horses. Today, they use iron horses for quick movement.

Motorcycles began to acquire modern appearance precisely in America. It is interesting to note that in a total of two brands, which turned into a world legend about motorcyclists, were present in the market of America. They influenced the development of the motorcycle production industry. The talk is about the brands Indian and Harley-Davidson.

The history of Indian began in 1900. Then, the famous former racer George Hendee for the first time tested his model. The first mcy Indian saw the light in 1901. It possessed the maximum advanced construction for its time. With a one-cylinder four-cycle power train and a working volume of 260 cm³, the motorcycle achieved significant rates of power. The presence of an automatic inlet valve became the distinguishing feature of the motorcycle.

The famous Harley-Davidson appeared in 1903. This legendary American two-wheel miracle obtained hearts of many motorcyclists throughout the world. The company’s continued prosperity during more than century history allowed Harley-Davidson to study all human tastes relative to the exterior of motorcycles.

Current situation of mcies USA brands

In the modern world, the company Harley-Davidson faced some problems. The mistrust of many critics is inspired by the robustness of HD motorcycles. The representatives of the club “Hells Angels” are violently opposed to these iron horses. The motorcyclists of this organization officially declared their preferences in favor of Japanese Honda or European BMW.

Besides reliability, the US motorcycles are often subjected to criticism because of their too high cost. The increased vibration stress of the main bike components raises concerns too. Also, the American motorcycles are distinguished by a higher engine heating as compared to representatives of motorcycle business of other countries.



Information: Harley-Davidson logo description
Founded: 1903

Everything started with a small engine 0.7 liters of volume, which William S. Harley designed already in 1901. Since 1920, Harley-Davidson could call itself the largest motorcycle appliance manufacturer in the world. Their company motorcycles are sold in 67 countries of the world. Now, as in former years, the motorcycles of Harley-Davidson please their admirers with their highest quality and a stylish design.

Buell Motorcycle Company


Information: Buell logo description
Founded: 1983

Buell Motorcycle Company exists since 1983. The company was founded by Erik Buel, who was an engineer of the company Harley-Davidson. The company is known for its developments of sports mcies. Now tourist enduro is the main popular trend of the motorcycle company. For instance, the company produces the tourist model XB12X Ulysses starting from 2006.

Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat motorcycles logo

Information: Arctic Cat logo description
Founded: 1960

The make Arctic Cat exists for more than 30 years. It is one of the best known makers of snowmobiles and quad bikes. The company Arctic Cat Inc. is engaged in development, production and sale of snowmobiles, off-road vehicles (quad bikes) and generators, as well as of accompanying components, facilities and design concepts. Arctic Cat’s technology of four-cycle engines is aimed at environmental protection.



Founded: 1980s

The Austrian engineer Horst Leitner created the firm ATK in 1980. The sales of ATK bikes reached impressive figures all over the world. The lovers of motorcycle appliances appreciate the excellent design, reliability, and safety of ATK mcies.

American Iron Horse



American IronHorse is a typical representative of alternative companies, which assemble bikes from units and parts available in the market. It exists since the 1995. There are several models of cruisers and choppers with two-cylinder V-like 1600-cube engines in its range of products. American IronHorse produces some elements of the running gear as wheels and parts of the braking system on its own.

Big Bear Choppers


Founded: 1998

As soon as motorcycle stores began to sale Big Bear Choppers, almost all the manufacturers of similar motorcycles revised their plants’ strategy and changed their product lines significantly, taking into account the new requirements of buyers. There are extremely comfortable seating positions leading in the level of comfort as seats in expensive cars. The heavy chopper acquired dynamics comparable to sport bikes’ rates at the expense of volume and power of engines.

Boss Hoss


Founded: 1990

The company Boss Hoss Cycles Inc. was founded in 1990 by Monte Warne. Its assortment, besides two-wheel motorcycles, includes three-wheeled vehicles usually called trikes. Boss Hoss units impress everyone. The company has more than 40 dealers throughout the world and more than 4 000 motorcycles on roads.



Founded: 2002

Originally, this company produced supercars for very tall people or individuals with large proportions. However, the company Brammo found its calling in the production of electric motorcycles. Today it is one of few organizations producing electric vehicles or electric motorcycles which use a multi-step gearbox on their apparatus.



Founded: 1971

Josephus Montgomery founded the company Cannondale in 1972. It produces various kinds of bicycles and bikes: mountain, road, sport, hybrid ones and others. The strategy of the company in products’ development is aimed at making bicycles lighter, more reliable, faster and more convenient.



Founded: 1991

The Confederate motorcycles stand out among all other makes belonging to the highest class. There are expensive motorcycles produced manually by small batches with original engineering solutions and a special exclusive design. Each motorcycle manufactured by Confederate Motors turns unique and exists only in the single copy.



Founded: 1990s

The Company Fisher was founded in the 90s by the worldwide known American motorcycle racer Dan Fischer. The state Maryland, where the large workshop is located on 20 000 sq. m, became the base of American motorcycle builders. The production of high-quality sport motorcycles, which could compete against Europe’s and Japan’s leading brands became the company’s main purpose.

US Highland

US Highland logo


The enduro motorcycles, super mcies, as well as quad bikes are the main production of the company US Highland. The motors 450, 507, 750 and 950cc of the volume are used as their engines. Not long ago, some new models were produced: a road bike, a cafe racer and even an electro cycle.

Indian (Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company)


Information: Indian logo description
Founded: 1901

The first motorcycle Indian, which saw the light in 1901 was distinguished by the highly advanced construction of its time. The company produced the most advanced mcy in the world in 1914. The complete set of electric equipment entered into the equipment of the model Hendee Special with a 998-cube engine. It consists of a headlight, electric starter of a signal.




Motus MST was for the first time designed for participation in a race in Laguna Seca several years ago and not long ago– in the same place – Motus, lastly demonstrated its new product produced jointly with Red Bull. The new motorcycles from Motus must attract customers by high speed and performance, on one hand, and on the other – by stylish design and comfort.



Founded: 2006

The Company Lightning, which produces electric motorcycles, appeared in 2012 and created its first electric mcy. Since the end of 2013, it launched the production of mcies for sales to usual customers. The model is represented in two versions (an expensive and a cheap one). Its electric mcies can be charged at the special quick charge stations where all the process takes not more than 15 minutes. These bikes can cover about 240 km on one battery charge.



Founded: 1995

The development and production of exclusive sport motorcycles is the main branch of activities of American Company Roehr. Each motorcycle carrying on itself the emblem of Roehr is the concentration of the latest achievements of science and technology. Due to this, the company manages to produce the most powerful super motorcycles being manufactured in the territory of the North America.




Rokon represents off-road motorcycles able to move confidently along broken roads, climb to steep inclines, and pass between trees in the thick forest, cross shallow water obstacles. Rokon motorcycles are used by forest and rescue services; they are in the US Army service.


Victory Logo

Information: Victory logo description
Founded: 1997

American motorcycles Victory has been produced by the Company Polaris since 1997. Motorcycles of the choppers’ and cruisers’ classes, as well as tourist models are designed and sold under this brand. At present, the motorcycles Victory are just gaining popularity in the world.

West Coast Choppers


Founded: 1992

The workshop West Coast Choppers belonged to Jesse James. The frames and the spares for motorcycles of this make are still manufactured in plants of Daytec and Belt Drive LTD. They can be acquired in the store Custom Chrome. Some say the company could not offer anything except exterior, incredible weight, and a sky-high price. Others assert that it was the workshop “from Americans and for Americans.”


Zero Logo

Information: Zero logo description
Founded: 2006

Zero motorcycles are electric bikes. Zero is a bright representative of serious producers wishing to have the initiative of the future in their hands, actively increasing production of electric motorcycles. All the Zero motorcycles are very modern even if their electric essence is not taken into account. They have modern suspensions and a stylish exterior.

Mission Motors

Mission Motors logo

Founded: 2007

The company Mission Motors basing in California is famous for its great experience and sensational performances. The company always asserted that an electric motorcycle would be able to accelerate to 240 km/h. Jeremy Cleland, the sales manager of the company, implemented those plans. He reached such speed, moving not far from Salt Lake City across the flat surface of the western part of the lake, which had dried long ago.


MotoCzysz logo

Founded: 2009

This American company initially tried to take part in MotoGP with its original model C1 990. Later, they refused this idea, but up to now, they go on a small batch production of motorcycles with internal combustion engines and electric motorcycles.