Kreidler Logo

Kreidler logo
Founded: 1904
Kreidler headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany
Kreidler founder: Anton Kreidler, Alfred Kreidler

Located in Stuttgart, Kreidler Werke Company is specialized in the manufacture of metal semi-finished products (pipes, moldings, stamping, etc.) focused on the German engineering industry. Nevertheless, the emblem of the company appeared on the K50 moped.

Autumn of 1955: the R50 scooterette joined the two already existing moped models. A brand new motorcycle company introduced in 1957. The Florett model was presented as a light motorcycle. Therefore, to keep attracting attention to their products, the company has started a huge campaign with a wide range of sports activities.

The most powerful version of the RSH with an engine power of 6.25 hp. and a top speed of 85 km/h debuted in 1970.

Kreidler symbol

At the end of the 80s, a light motorcycle Flott entered the market with a striking 50-cubic horizontal engine suspended to a tubular frame and a series with a brand new vertical 79-cc engine with 8 hp. – road Florett 80 and a motorcycle of dual-purpose Mustang 80. Unfortunately, these efforts could no longer save the company, which in 1982 announced the end of motor production.