Japanese motorcycles

There are several reasons to pay attention to Japanese motorcycles: Mcies are not a whimsy in Japan, but an ordinary transport vehicle, the use of which is justified by its economy;
Japanese diligence and responsibility are known to everyone. It affects the quality of products; Japan stakes on high technologies. Therefore, items manufactured in this country are distinguished by the use of the most advanced inventions.



Japanese motorcycles Honda logo

Information: Honda logo description
Founded: 1946
Website: world.honda.com

The company was founded in 1948. Since 1982, it manufactures more than 3 million motorcycles a year. The most popular motorcycle from the class cruiser belongs to the brand. It is Honda Gold Wing. This model is ideally suited for long motorcycle tours: there is an ample boot and a comfortable seat. The model can increase speed up to 200 km/h.


Japanese motorcycles Kawasaki logo

Information: Kawasaki logo description
Founded: 1896
Website: global.kawasaki.com

The motorcycles of the make have been produced since 1961. The most known “brainchild” of this brand is a sport bike Kawasaki Ninja 300. This model is the most popular among newbies due to its reliability, manageability, relatively low price and boarding neared to classical models.


Japanese motorcycles Yamaha logo

Information: Yamaha logo description
Founded: 1955
Website: global.yamaha-motor.com

The Yamaha company started with the creation of musical instruments since the 1897 and as a result, expanded its range to motorcycles.

In 2016, Yamaha YBR 125 became the most popular model of the make. The production of this model started in 2004, and since those times this motorcycle remains the most marketable in its class. It is a low-cubature and a compact motorcycle. It has a higher cost in comparison to analogs, which is justified by the high quality.


Japanese motorcycles Suzuki logo

Information: Suzuki logo description
Founded: 1909
Website: www.globalsuzuki.com

This company engaged in motorcycles only in 1952. The models of the make are known for their achievements in races.

The sport bike Suzuki Hayabusa is particularly worth mentioning. It is considered the fastest among all series models.

Suzuki Bandit 400 is considered the most popular motorcycle of the brand. The key feature of the model is a combination of dirigibility with high power.


When the motorcycle business appeared in Japan (immediately after the Second World War), its mcies were considered second-rate. The motorcycles and the motor bicycles were produced as a low-end transport vehicle. Over time, the situation changed: the motorcycle brands of Japan became a guarantor of the quality for the entire world.