Janus Logo

Janus Logo
Founded: 2011
Founder: Devin Biek and Richard Worsham
Janus headquarters: Goshen, Indiana, USA
Official website: janusmotorcycles.com

Several years ago in the US, the company Janus Motorcycles, specializing in the production of retro bikes, was founded.

The company Janus Motorcycles was in located in Indiana, USA. The founders of the company РDevin Biek and Richard Worsham  were aware of the nostalgic trend of the market, and perfectly took advantage of the trend. The first development, released on the market under the logo Janus, was a nearly complete copy of the Brough Superior bike, which was very popular in the 1920s. This model was equipped with a two-stroke engine with a volume of 50 cubes.

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Today the brand Janus offers fans of retro-bikes a whole line of models, most of which are produced in extremely limited series.

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