Italian motorcycles

There are no people who would not hear about such known manufacturers as Ducati or MV Agusta. The pleasant dynamics and unique design made these bikes the most salable ones in the world market.

Owners of Italian mcies are respected in circles of motorcycle lovers even in case of a small driving experience.

Italian motorcycles brands

The brands mentioned above belong to rows of the best iron horses of the planet. Experts recognize that there is nothing like Italian motorcycles according to many indicators.

However, Italian motorcycles, the maker of which became glorious for the entire world are not limited only to the sphere of production of the Ducati or MV Agusta companies. There are not less demanded makes as Aprilia, Benelli, Morini, and the others. Of course, their brand awareness is not so great as of the models mentioned above, but they are serious competitors even for Japanese production of mcies.

What is a motorcycle from Italy? In the first place, it is speed. Second, it is a high level of exterior elegance. Only the bikes of the kind can look so desirable. To buy an Italian motorcycle is a dream for many motorcycle lovers. Therefore, if you have a budget for acquisition of such an mcy, choose an Italian item boldly.

Modern Italian motorcycles brands

The Italian motorcycles Ducati of our time are mcies with an engine which is exposed to computer treatment. Thus, the weight is lowered, and the durability of an mcy is increased. The perfect engines of these motorcycles from Italy possess 135 hp.

For this moment, MV Agusta is known worldwide, and more than once won the world-class sport competition. Many known designers including Daniel Peligra, take part in the creation of these mcies` exterior.

Aprilia is a popular Italian producer of modern fast motorcycles of today.

Thus, a beautiful design and the good power performance make Italian motorcycles one of the unique motorcycles of the world. The Italian motorcycles, all models of which one can find in the majority of countries of the world long ago established themselves as the most good-looking and hardiest units capable of withstanding a high engine load.



Information: Bimota logo description
Founded: 1973

Founded in 1973, the company Bimota was one of the smallest companies, which produced motorcycles with the use of advanced technologies and modern materials. At the beginning of the 2000s, the company announced about its bankruptcy. But it was bought in 2004 and returned to the market with high-tech motorcycles.



Founded: 1910

The make of Benelli refers to the few motorcycle trademarks, which remain in the motorcycle market, having made its debut already before the First World War. The brand logo is laurel wreaths creating a circle with three stars, the figure of a lion with the front raised paw and the make name inside.



Information: Guzzi logo description
Founded: 1921

It is one of the oldest brands of Italy. Having emerged after the First World War, the firm distinguished itself by bold engineering solutions and victories in sports. Today its brand identity is well-made, stylish models with great V-like engines with two cylinders.

MV Agusta

mv agusta logo

Information: MV Agusta logo description
Founded: 1945

This is the second successful Italian company, which started its activity, not with the production of motorcycles. Until 1943, the plant engaged in the production of heavy metallurgy. Motorcycles of this make are worldwide known and won world-class sport competitions more than once. Many known designers take part in their exterior creation.



Founded: 1912

Originally, the company founded in 1912, produced warplanes and civil aircraft for the Italian air forces. It had to proceed to the production of motorcycles because of a bankruptcy threat. In 1972, the Harley-Davidson company purchased shares, which remained in possession of the previous company owners, and Aermacchi restarted the production of warplanes. Later, the company plants became the basis of another motorcycle company Cagiva.


Beta Logo

Information: Beta logo description
Founded: 1904

This is a known Italian company producing motorcycles and motor scooters. The company exists since 1904, and the first series of Beta motorcycle rolled off the production line in 1948. Beta motorcycles are presented in the market by several main sets: scooters with the volume of the engine from 50cc, motorcycles for kids, road and double-duty motorcycles developed for trial competitions and enduro.



Founded: 1988

This motorcycle company was named after its founder Umberto Borile. In the first years, Borile motorcycles represented a modified version of other manufacturers. The motorcycles of its own construction appeared in sale afterward. Many non-conventional technical solutions were present in them. At present, all the free selling models use 500cc GM engines from the world of professional motorcycle sport.



Information: Cagiva logo description
Founded: 1978

The history of the make Cagiva began in 1978, when brothers Castiglioni, owners of some car building enterprises, acquired an Italian branch of the Harley-Davidson Company. In the 80s, the range Cagiva cars were 0p impressive. The modern line of Cagiva models is modest: the light class represented by two road motorcycles with two-cycle motors of the in-house production, two road motorcycles, and one dual sport motorcycle.



Founded: 1992

The CR&S studio is located in Milan. Actually, this Italian company can give a chance to get one’s dream motorcycle to everyone. It will be created by one more special department under the name of CR&S Lavoreri (laboratory). The noted bikes of this make are DUU Custom Britten Tribute and DUU Custom Dorada.



Founded: 1919

The engineer and the compulsive motorcycle racer Adalberto Garelli is among individuals who determined the trend of the motorcycle construction development. The tradition of participation in racing became the basis of advertising policy of the Garelli Company. Its special attention was given to the long distance race. The range of Garelli models gradually reduced, and by 1998, it consisted of two 50cc models in total. Only in 2007, the company introduced the line of Tiesse scooters at the motorcycle exhibition EICMA.



Founded: 1909

It is one of the oldest motorcycle companies in the world (since 1909), which belongs to the largest Italian concern Piaggio. The production of modern scooters started in 1993, and over time they completely displaced motorcycles from the production program.



Founded: 1968

In 1968, the Fantic Motor Company was founded by Henry Keppel Hesselink and Mario Agrati. The firm tried to manufacture both sport and road motorcycles but did not withstand the competition. Even the alliance with the firm Agrati-Garelli did not bring expected results. The corporate business FM Fabbfica Motoveicoli S.p.A. remained on the market until 1998 and then stopped the motorcycle production.



Founded: 1959

The history of the Company Italjet, which produced its first motorcycle in 1959 is linked to the name of its founder, an outstanding mechanician and the most talented designer, its General Director Leopoldo Tartarini. Inexpensive engines from Eastern Europe, the high-quality components from Italy plus a modern design became the key to the success of Tatarini. Italjet scooters are in high demand in Europe, America, and Japan.



Founded: 1873

Pietro Laverda founded the car building enterprise with the same name already in 1873, and his grandson Francesco started the production of motorcycles. The company produced mainly motorcycles for races. In 2000, the owner of the make sold it to the company Aprilia. It is rumored that the Aprilia Company is actively keeping development of the new models, which must appear exactly under the make Laverda.



Founded: 1926

The company was founded in 1935 and produced sport motorcycles. In 1987, the company bankrupted. The German businessman Laurence Merkle who resold it then to Dutch businessmen acquired the rights for the make. In the 90s, the new owners of the make restarted the limited production of off-road sport mcies with two-stroke engines at the plant in the Netherlands.



Founded: 1930

The history of the make Malaguti began at the end of the 40s -beginning of the 50s, when the small workshop started its revival, having started the production of bicycles and having equipped them with a small two-cycle engine. Then the company shifted almost completely to the production of scooters. The return to motorcycles occurred at the beginning of the XXIth century when a prototype of a car with the 600 cube engine was shown at the Milan motorcycle show.



Founded: 1929

Initially, this make founded in 1948 produced three-wheel motor trucks very popular in Italy. Then the company produced racing motorcycles, then road and off-road mcies. In 1979, the company Mondial almost withdrew from the motorcycle market. However, the company Mondial Moto Spa was set up in March 2000 by the businessman Roberto Siletti, and now it offers sport bikes Piega.


Morini logo

Founded: 1937

In 1937, Alfonso Morini founded his own venture artlessly called Moto Morini. The best known mcy of the make, the model “350,” appeared on the Milan Salon in 1971. In 1986, the company came under the jurisdiction of brothers Castiglioni, the owners of the concern Cagiva. Before 1991, Moto Morini motorcycles were still met in the sale, and then they disappeared from the motorcycle market.


piaggio logo

Information: Piaggio logo description
Founded: 1884

This Italian enterprise is the fourth biggest motorcycle and scooter manufacturer in the world. The history of this oldest motorcycle enterprise in Italy began in September 1884. Since 2004, the Piaggio Company together with Chinese holding Company Zongshen has been manufacturing engines, transport vehicles and parts which are sold at the Asian market.


Vertemati logo

Founded: 1993

In the middle of the 80s, the brothers Vertemati won prominence, having produced the cross-country motorcycle of original construction which was up to the challenge at a competition of the highest level. In the middle of the 90s, they transferred rights for the production of this motorcycle to the Vor Motor Company, but not satisfied with the quality of their performance; they restarted the production of sports cars under their own make in 2000.



Founded: 1946

It is an extremely popular Italian make of motor scooters. They are being manufactured by the concern Piaggio since April 1946. It is an originator of the European engineering school of motor scooters. Its scooter became the first successful one in the world. Its logo is a stylized image of the name Vespa.



Vyrus logo

Founded: 2001

Today, the famous motorcycle construction company Vyrus is one of the leading enterprises producing mcies in Italy. The production and development of sport models of motorcycles intended for participation in racing competitions of the highest class is the priority for the Italian Company.



Information: Aprilia logo description
Founded: 1945

This is a popular Italian manufacturer of modern fast motorcycles, the history of which began with the production of scooters. And at the present day, the make is more known due to the production of racing motorcycles. It is one of seven makes which belong to the concern Piaggio. This is the largest world European motorcycle manufacturer.



Information: Ducati logo description

Founded: 1926

Originally, the company engaged in the manufacture of radio appliances. And only since 1949, it started to produce motorcycles. The modern logo of the Ducati Company is a red triangular emblem with the road in the form of a white stripe inside. It means that Ducati motorcycles are created for speed.