Husqvarna logo

Husqvarna logo
Founded: 1904
Husqvarna headquarters: Mattighofen, Austria
Husqvarna parent: Pierer Industrie AG
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This Swedish company is considered the largest producer of various appliances, including motorcycles. Besides the Husqvarna brand, it also owns a row of world- known brand names (Gardena, McCulloch, Diamant Boart, Weedeater, Dixon) and the brands found only in Scandinavian countries (Zenoah, Bluebird, Klippo, Flymo).

Husqvarna Logo Meaning and History

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Like many other motorcycle manufacturers, Husqvarna started with the production of bicycles at the end of the 19th century. In 1903, the first motorcycle was produced. In that time, Husqvarna made frames, which were supplied with engines of third-party producers. The engines 250 and 500 cm³ of volume were applied in the early models of its motorcycles.

In 1920, Husqvarna built its own plant for the production of engines. A little time elapsed before Husqvarna started the production of racing motorcycles with the engine displacement up to 1000 cm³.

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At the end of the 20s and the beginning of the 30s, Husqvarna motorcycles established themselves well at competitions in Sweden and other countries of Europe despite the challenge on the part of other well-known manufacturers like BMW, DKW, Excelsior, FN, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Norton AntiVirus, and Velocette. Husqvarna motorcycles won at such competitions as International Six Days and the full-scale international competitions Grand Prix and TT.

In the middle of the 30s, Husqvarna discontinued participating in races due in part to the fact that the demand of civil population for big motorcycles began to go down. In 1935, Husqvarna started the production of two-cycle mcies. Soon the light Husqvarna motorcycles acquired great popularity. Within several years before the beginning of the Second World War, the company produced many thousands of mcies.

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In 1936, the company discontinued the production of engines for big motorcycles. However, such engines appeared later again, but in a modified form.

The year 1957 inaugurated a new era in the history of Husqvarna motorcycles and engines production. That year, the motorcycle “Svartkvarna” (Silver arrow) was introduced. A little later, the company produced another version of this motorcycle – “Gold arrow ” – with the engine displacement of 200 cm³. Both models became an excellent basis for the production of perfect sport motorcycles. The legendary motocross era, which gave the Husqvarna company many victories in European competitions, as well as in an international competition came like that.

At the beginning of the 70s, Husqvarna started to export its sport motorcycles successfully. As a result, the model of the motorcycle designed for the USA became a prototype of modern off-road mcies.

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The production of motorcycles Husqvarna in Sweden continued until 1986-87. Since that time, the Italian company Cagiva continued the design and the production of motorcycles of this make. The 84-year era of motorcycles came to an end.

In the framework of the purchase in 2007 by the BMW company of Husqvarna motorcycles from the MV Augusta company (owner of the Cagiva), the group Husqvarna AB and BMW company signed an agreement adjusting the use of the brand Husqvarna for motorcycles.

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In 2013, KTM brand owner, Pierre AG, bought the Husqvarna brand. Thus, both brands have been learning to coexist without competition inside one company.

Husqvarna logo description

Husqvarna logo description

The symbol being the logo of the Husqvarna company refers to the history of the production of small arms. The oldest form of the logo had the appearance of a hallmark, which was put on muskets that passed a check. It was with an image of appearance over a barrel.

The modern version of the logo indicates the fact that the Husqvarna company always looks into future. It represents the letter “H” in a frame with a kind of crown atop.

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