Hoffmann Logo

Hoffmann Logo
Founded: 1948
Hoffmann headquarters: Lintorf, West Germany
Hoffmann founder: Jakob Oswald Hoffmann

Hoffmann was created after the Second World War when a group of financiers decided to invest in a motorcycle business, hoping to get a good profit.
Since 1949, buyers could purchase motorcycles with a 125-cc two-stroke engine ILO.
Just a bit later, the market offered motorcycles “Hoffmann” with a similar 175-cc engine.
The “Hoffmann Gouverneur” model debuted in 1951. And, this car became the most popular of all the Hoffmanns.
Gradually, the engine capacity increased to 14 hp, as well as the production prepared the 300-cum version. However, the motorcycle was way too expensive.

Hoffmann Symbol

The team could barely return their investments and, also, a fair amount of it was spent on the expansion of the model range. Evaluating the situation, the investors decided to stop the production.