Hesketh logo

hesketh logo
Founded: 1982
Hesketh headquarters: Redhill, United Kingdom
Official website: www.heskethmotorcycles.co.uk

In 1980, a British politician founded the company Hesketh. First, a team led by Baron Alexander Hesket performed quite successfully in Formula 1. After 1978, several models of motorcycles were developed based on Hesketh V1000. Before  several technical problems were identified and production was completely stopped, the company managed to sell only 139 motorcycles

Due to the difficult situation, the company changed its owner several times, as a result of which the production of bikes with the Hesketh logo was stopped.

hesketh emblem

In 2010, the company resumed production, now upgraded and modified models. In 2012, Hesketh developed and released several fundamentally new models to the market.

Today the company is successfully engaged in the production of electric bikes, as well as a wide range of models, from civil scooters, to sports, enduro and motocross.