German motorcycles

The motorcycles produced in Germany since the beginning of the 1930s and at the end of the 1940s came up very well not only for civil use but at hard front battles of the Second World War.

In the past, the Wehrmacht tried to create a transport for all cases of life. Often all-terrain motor vehicles, as a German track motorcycle, rolled off the production line.

German motorcycles brands

Many German makes of motorcycles, such as Brennabor (1871-1945), DKW (1916-1966), Zundapp (1939- 1945), are now a part of the history of Germany.

Apparently, many of you learned through your friends/acquaintances or were convinced in personal practice, that mcies BMW are the best German ones.

Just not long ago, the Bavarian Motor Workshop introduced at world motorcycles shows its R 1200 RT, which is really an ideal police mcy. Having a decent power output, the above-mentioned iron horse is able to catch up any average violators. The created prototype rolled off the production line in 2014. And further, the great demand on the part of executive authorities of many European states and not only waits for it.

These German motorcycles from BMW Motorrad have special technical tools in the form of flashing beacons and a siren horn. Manufacturers even installed radio sets on these motorcycles. They placed it together with a loudspeaker into the central tail box.

BMW creates even tourist mcies, for example, BMW R 1200 GS. The practice shows that BMW R 1200 GS has good reliability, durability, hardness and well-known German “hardening”. This tourist motorbike justifies its name because it is always ready to overcome the most complicated road obstacles.

Modern market of German mcies

In the recent years, the sales of German BMW have increased, even in the American market, where Harley Davidson has not deactivated its marketing press yet. Also, every year ever more and more Americans give preference to motorcycles from Germany.

Essentially, BMW turned into an example for the good inheritance of the entire class, a kind of ideal. Now probably each manufacture strives for perfection of motorcycles of this type.



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Founded: 1916

The Bavarian concern excelled in many areas. Its first motorcycle was produced already in 1922. BMW managed to make a breakthrough and assembled a perfect engine, a groundbreaking type of frame and suspension. Such qualities as a well-known quality and reliability of motorcycles, as well as progressive and in some cases sufficiently unique technical solutions are particularly valuable features of BMW. The make is indissolubly linked to the history of sport motorcycles. The company produced not only route and military motorcycles, but the best samples of German sport bikes, enduro, units for motocross and touring races.



Founded: 1880

Heinrich Kleyer, who was engaged in sales of bicycles, which he assembled in his workshop was the make founder. He produced his first car Adler in 1900. His firm stopped the production of cars in 1939. After the Second World War, the firm proceeded to the production of typewriters and then of motorcycles. Many competitions were won on Adler mcies.



Founded: 1871

The company was set up in 1871 by three brothers named Adolf, Carl and Hermann Reichstein.


dkw logo

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Founded: 1916

The make DKW started to produce mcies in 1922. There were bikes Golem and scooters Lamos. Later, the make began to produce racing models of mcies. The two-cylinder DKW RT 350 S version that had been produced since 1955 became the last series motorcycle of the make DKW. In 1958, DKW combined with other companies under the name of “Zweirad-Union,” and the make history ended.


hercules logo

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Founded: September 10, 1910

The known German technician Karl Matuschz founded the motorcycle company Hercules in 1886. The base of the company located in Nuremberg. The range of the make consisted mainly of fast road units of the middle class and sport motorcycles of the highest level. The company stopped existing in 1997.


Horex logo

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Founded: 1920

The firm Horex managed to leave a trace in the motorcycle history. Its history began in 1921. Horex motorcycles did not belong to the list of basic types of transport units of the Wehrmacht and were not delivered to the troops. Therefore, the production of the motorcycle was terminated in 1941, but in 1945, the assembly of prewar mcies from the remained spare parts was launched. In 1960, the last mopeds Horex were assembled and the make became a thing of the past.


Kreidler logo

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Founded: 1904

Kreidler is one of the most known German motorcycle producers, which existed in the middle of the second half of the 20th century. The company was founded in 1951 in the suburb of Stuttgart. The design of sport and competitive racing motorcycles became the main direction of its work. The company was the leader of the motorcycle production in the country. Originally, light sport motorcycles were manufactured by Kreidler. Later, German motorcycle builders dealt with the creation of more powerful 80-cube units. The brand of Germany bankrupted and stopped its existence in 1982.



Founded: 1940s

The story of motorcycles knows many examples of attempts to hybridize an automotive engine and a motorcycle chassis. Perhaps, TTS Munch-4 1200th Mammut became the most successful attempt. This motorcycle was created by Friedl Munch in1968. The car NSU Prinz became the engine donor. The motorcycle became a sensation. Despite the project grandiosity, in 1971, the company of Friedl Munch bankrupted. The German engineer sold property rights on the company.

MZ Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH


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Founded: 1906

In 1958, the merger of three large manufacturers of German Express, Victoria and DKW motorcycles into the concern Zweirad Union took place. One of its plants got the name VEB Motorradwerk Zschopau – MZ. Starting from 1992 to 1999, the company was called MuZ, which means Motorrad und Zweiradwerk. In 1999, the enterprise got its former name – MZ – and the company was transferred under the control of Malaysian firm Hong Leong Industries Berhad. In 2008, the company announced the completion of its activity for the reason of its unprofitability.


sachs logo

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Founded: 1886

The enterprise existed already since the XIXth century, producing bicycles, motorcycle parts, and powertrains with its name. In the second half of the 70s, sport off-road motorcycles were offered in the market of Germany under the make Sachs. But, the make Sachs officially appeared in 1995. Motor bicycles, mopeds and heavy models Rodster are among the company’s products.


simson logo

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Founded: 1854

The history of the enterprise Simson began in 1856. This German firm manufactured the entire range of various products: firearms, bicycles, cars, mopeds and motorcycles. After the decay of German Democratic Republic, the production of motorcycles of the make Simson reduced significantly. In September 1998, the creation of the company Simson Zweirad, which in 2000 merged in the concern Kontec and started to manufacture mcies` novelties, was announced.


zundapp logo

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Founded: 1917

Models of the make Zundapp became one of the most widespread Wehrmacht motorcycles. After the end of the Second World War, Zundapp continued to produce motorcycles up to 1984, when the make bankrupted. Further, the plant in Nuremberg was bought by the Chinese company, which exported absolutely all its equipment to the town Tyanydzin.