France motorcycles

France ranks third in Europe in volume of production of two-wheel transport vehicles with a motor. And it ranks fourth in Europe in the quantity of motorcycles on roads.

Motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds of foreign production come to the French market mainly from Italy and Japan, which account, accordingly, for 21% and 20% of the entire import. Motor scooters have a great popularity in France. The demand for them is higher than in other European countries. Authorities of some French cities, in particular, of Paris, encourage a purchase of such motor scooters by natural persons by subsidizing.



This French company for production of motorcycles and scooters was founded in 1923 under the name of Motobecane and was for a long while one of the biggest producers of motorcycles in France. MBK became the best-selling motorcycles in the French market, which led to the expansion of the plant and significant increase of its range. Since the middle of the 70s, the company focuses on production of small city scooters and motor scooters.



The first motorcycle Peugeot was produced in 1899. Since the 1902, two letters – PF (Peugeot Freres) – were indicated on the crankcase of motorcycles for a fairly long time. That department of the company headed by Eugene Peugeot was directly engaged in the motorcycle activity. Since the 1909, the enterprise Societe Anonyme des Automobiles et Cycles Peugeot appeared. Then, in 1926, the plant of motorcycles separated again and manufactured military and sport motorcycles. Today the company Motocyles Peugeot produces over 200 thousand scooters and mopeds annually.



Voxan is a producer of motorcycles, which launched its activity in 1995 due to its founder Jacques Gardette. Alain Chevallier was involved in preparation of a motorcycle chassis for the make; and the group of specialists Sodemo worked over its engines. The first prototype of a series motorcycle was represented in 1997. The make created many interesting conceptual models, which did not turn into serial versions. In 2009, Voxan announced about elimination of its production. In 2010, all technical and designer ideas of the make were acquired by the group of investors from Monaco, which plan to restore the make.