Estonia motorcycles

Estonia is located in the north of Europe, on the shores of the Baltic sea. It belongs to the EU. The machinery manufacturing of Estonia is represented by the production of radio apparatus, electric equipment, and equipment for shale reprocessing and mining.

Automobile industry and the motorcycle building do not belong to this list. However, in the 70s, racing cars were produced at the Tallinn test plant. And the make Renard became the most known Estonian manufacturer first of bicycles and then of motorcycles.



Founded: 1938

Estonian company Renard was originally founded in 1938 and existed for a short while until its plant in Tallinn was bomb-destroyed in 1944. In 2008, one Estonian businessman with a group of local enthusiasts decided to restore the make. Thus, the modal Renard GT was created. The carbon monocoque of the motorcycle weighs just 11 kg. Kevlar was used as its strengthening material. Its air filter and fuel tank are packaged in one structure.