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ducati logo
Founded: 1926
Ducati founder: Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Adriano Cavalieri Ducati, Bruno Cavalieri Ducati, Marcello Cavalieri Ducati
Ducati headquarters: Bologna, Italy
Ducati parent: Lamborghini
Official website: www.ducati.com

Originally, the production of radio appliances, to which brothers Marcello and Andriano set their hearts, was the Ducati company’s directing. Today, the Ducati motorcycles are not just known – they are legendary. The company produces them each year in several tens of thousands, and all of them are sold still being in assembly.

Ducati Logo Meaning and History

Ducati’s first logo appeared at the moment of the company birth in the 1920s. The Ducati brothers founded the Ducati company: Andriano and Marcello- in Bologna in 1926. The production of radio appliances as horns, loudspeakers, and receiving-sets was the main activity of the company. In the 1930s, they decided to upgrade the logo. But at the end of the 40s, the demand for radios of each type ran out; the company was close to bankruptcy.

Ducati Logo History

Since 1949, the company began to manufacture engines and means of transport including motorcycles. There was a need to label a tank with the manufacturer name. The previous “SSR” logo was too small for this purpose. Thus, the logo “DUCATI” appeared.

1950: Cucciolo, which was one of the best in the motorcycle market in that time due to its superior draught, became the first engine. In 1952, the model Cruiser with the 1-cylinder 1 hp engine of horizontal upper 175 cm³ valve, an electric starter and an automatic gearbox appeared. For that time, it was a great car.

ducati logo

In 1953, the management split the company into two separate units, Ducati Meccanica SpA and Ducati Elettronica. Two emblems appeared at once. The logo with the letter “D” and laurel wreath appeared in 1958 on all racing motorcycles that were produced. While the official logo of the unit “Meccanica,” which produced motorcycles, was used on all advertising materials.

In 1954, the young engineer Fabio Talyoni, with whom the starry epoch of Ducati began, took the position of the company’s chief designer. The model Ducati 100 Gran Sport was designed.

ducati symbol

At the beginning of the 60s, an mcy for the US road services was worked out. The 4-cylinder engine, which easily produced 100 horsepower and put on full speed 210 km/h was created.

In 1962, following the tradition of other manufacturers, the company decorated the tanks of Ducati mcies with an eagle.

Under the influence of youth movements and the spirit of the film “Easy Rider,” Ducati decided to change the emblem. The new logo was created for the model Scrambler.


In the end of the 60s, when the Japanese began to repel with their big bikes, the firm Ducati presented its answer: Ducati 750GT — 185 kg; 60-powerful engine, 195 km/h of the speed.

In 1975, the classical Ducati logo stopped appearing. It was a time of change, and the company decided to try a hand in the world of design. One of the most famous persons in the Italian design of that time, Giorgetto Giugiaro, who had become famous for the creation of the first Volkswagen Golf, was entrusted with the job. Ducati’s first logo created by the designer appeared these years. It was a flat inscription with a rounded letter “А.” That logo was used up to 1985.


Since 1985, when brothers Castiglioni (owners of the Cagiva) took over the company management, the symbol of Ducati was again changed to match with the style of motorcycles from Varese. But in the 1980s, the company’s crisis began. In 1985, the competing and successful motorcycle concern Cagiva bought the production of Ducati motorcycles and launched the production of motorcycles in the enduro style on the base of Ducati’s two-cylinder engines. There was an elephant on the logo, in accordance with the tradition from Cagiva. The company used the Cagiva logo until 1987.

In 1989, the design of SuperSport Ducati was reworked, and a modification with a 900-cube engine appeared. The bikes of this series still remain some of the most popular ones in the line of the company.


At the end of 1997, a new symbol was offered for Ducati. It was an ordinary inscription and stylized “D.”

The unique logo was created for the sport unit.

Since 2001, Ducati is a successful company. The bikes are sold already before rolling off the production line. The line began to be modified more frequently, inter alia, to expand – the place was found even for “tourists.” More and more unusual replicas of racing motorcycles roll off the production line. Also, the year 2001 showed that Ducati intended to be introduced into the sector of outside road motorcycles.


In September 2008, Ducati’s new logo appeared.

In 2009, a new logo of the sport unit of Ducati appeared as well.

Ducati Logo Description

Ducati Logo Description

Ducati’s modern logo is the red emblem of a triangular shape. There is a track in the form of a white stripe depicted inside. It reminds of the fact that the motorcycles of this firm are born for speed.

The red shield symbolizes a victory and Italian racing color.

Ducati emblems


To sum up, let’s list the most well-known Ducati emblems:

  • Two S’s crossed above a thunderbolt (created before 1927).
  • The logo with the word “DUCATI” (1949).
  • The letter “D” with a laurel wreath (1958).
  • The official emblem of the “Meccanica” section.
  • An eagle emblem (the 1960s).
  • The black wing with the word “Ducati” in Italic font.
  • The emblems created by Giorgetto Giugiaro (the 1970s).
  • The elephant Ducati emblem (until 1977).
  • The emblem with minimalistic cursive lettering and a circular symbol (1997).
  • A curve in a red shield (September 2008).

Who makes Ducati motorcycles?

Motorcycles sold under the Ducati brand are made by the Italian company Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. based in Bologna. Ducati Motor Holding belongs to another famous Italian company, Lamborghini, which, in its turn, is the property of the German carmaker Audi. That’s not all! The Audi also isn’t an independent company; its owner is the Volkswagen Group.

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