Diesel motorcycle

Long ago, humankind seriously engaged in the production of the unusual motorcycles, which possessed a unique construction, had unusual separate assemblies or systems, as well as highly dynamic rates and impressive power.

Do diesel motorcycles really exist?

People managed to install an engine running on DO on a motorcycle. However, the disagreement about the rationality of the engine mentioned above for two-wheel units does not stop. Thus, see below the diesel motorcycles` review to confirm the existence of such type of motorcycles and evaluate their advantages.

Review of diesel motorcycles

Royal Enfield Diesel: this model is produced with engines of 325 or 436 cm³. Both versions of the model are created with electric equipment of 12 V. They have 4 gears, the power is 14,5 hp.

Royal Enfield Diesel

The motorcycle MZ Robin DR400s is equipped with one-cylinder diesel engine by the volume 412 cm³ with a variable transmission. The letter “D” means the engine runs on diesel fuel. At the maximum power of 9,5 hp, the motorcycle put on full speed of 93,5 km/h. In total, Robin produced 10 units of the type.

MZ Robin DR400s

The Dutch company possessing the brand Track managed to show up in the modern market of bikes. The Track motorcycles of the model T800Cdi stand out with their mass character on roads of Europe.

BFG is one more unusual motorcycle. The French consortium BFG won the tender and made the contract for installation of car engines on motorcycle frames. In total, the company produced 450 models of this kind.

Taurus is a full-sized series diesel motorcycle. Indian firm Royal Enfield produces it. 7000 motorcycles a year leave the assembly lines of the firm. Now one can buy this motorcycle only in India, but the firm actively searches entrances to other markets.

Hatz Royal Enfield is a version of Royal Enfield, but it runs with the German engine 350 cm³ of volume with direct insertion. This motorcycle is fitted with an electric starter and cold start. The motorcycle power is 9,5 hp, and its acceleration from the stop is not great. The motorcycle is ideally suited for economical trips in the city and majority of roads of the classes А and В.

Diesel army motorcycles

In due course, NATO insisted that only one type of fuel for all transport vehicles, for example, diesel fuel, should be used inside the union. The British converted the engine of Royal Enfield, and the Americans switched the large engine Kawasaki KLR 650 to diesel fuel. Good driving and reliability are typical for these motorcycles.

Diesel army motorcycles

The bike D.E.R.A./R.M.C.S, which was first produced in 1995, has a strengthened Enfield crankshaft. Its engine volume is 547 cm³. The engine produces 16 -18 hp. The car diesel injector that is optimized for the motorcycle and a box with four gears are installed. In the rural roads, the motorcycle easily overtakes mcies with gasoline engines with the volume 250 cm³.

California firm Hayes Diversified Technologies and British Armys College designed together with the new diesel motorcycle for the armies of the USA and Britain. The engine, which was designed by Kawasaki KLR650, can run not only on diesel fuel but also on aviation kerosene.

The mcy HDT-RMCS is a joint project of California company Hayes Diversified Technologies (HDT) and the firm RMCS. This motorcycle has the car frame of Kawasaki KLR 650, which was modernized with consideration for army specificity. US army approved this motorcycle for its use.