Czechia motorcycles

If one talks about classics, the motorcycles from Czechia were famous for their availability and quality, if it is about modern models – for low costs and engineering solutions.


The first Czech motorcycles appeared in 1930. Specialists from the city Czechoslovakia designed them. One can get acquainted with the history of the development of production of Czech motorcycles in the National Technical Museum in Prague.




In 1990, the official sale of Blata motorcycles began as the first production line of this make came to operation. At first, the company did not possess possibilities for the production of the own engines and installed engines of known Italian firms on its units. But afterward, bikers got a chance to buy Blata fit with engines of the own design. The main feature of the firm Blata is its relatively narrow specialization. Mainly, the make produces pocket bikes and mini scooters.



Founded: 1919

The Czech firm Cezet (CZ) motorcycles were considered some of the best dirt bikes of the 70s of the ХХth century. In the 90s of the ХХth century, the Cezet plant was bought by an Italian firm and began to produce motorcycles under the brand Cagiva. Since 1997, motorcycles for enduro are produced at the plant. Besides, Cezet produces decent cruisers or motor road motorcycles. The model CZ 350 twin is considered the most powerful mcy among the CZ mcies.