Chinese motorcycles

The Chinese road motorcycles got a great popularity among two-wheel transport lovers. The variety of these two-wheel machines is very wide. Over 130 makes operate in China.

Different motorcycles are produced under their names. Besides, each producer has a sufficiently broad range. All told, one can find tens of thousands of different motorcycles in the China motorcycle market.

Chinese motorcycles brands

The first motorcycle in China was produced in 1951. The local people quickly estimated the convenience and speed of movement of these transport vehicles, but their technical parameters left much to be desired. In 1978, an alliance with the known Japanese company Honda was formed; and the Chinese motorcycles started their way to take on the world market. By 1993, the People’s Republic of China became the leader in the production of motorcycles.

At present, this type of items is produced by tens of big and small companies; and the residents of almost 150 countries move along their roads on motorcycles produced in China. The quality warranty of manufactured products is confirmed by the fact that Honda and BMW located their productions of motorcycles precisely in the Celestial Empire.

The following makes of Chinese motorcycles have the greatest popularity: Zongshen, Lifan, Jialing, Jianshe, Zhejiang CFMOTO. For example, the Zongshen firm has effected a massive development in 10 years. It is the recognized leader in motorcycle construction of today. And the Lifan company solidly belongs to the five of the best motorcycle manufacturers of the People’s Republic of China.

Modern market of Chinese mcies

Today the People’s Republic of China is the largest motorcycle market of the planet. The Chinese develop their technologies rapidly. And already now many models from the Celestial Empire are not inferior in exterior and technical parameters of Japanese, German and American motorcycles. One is to recognize: the cost of a decent unit will not be too low as well. Although, it will allow saving on overpayment for the brand.


The spares for Chinese motorcycles cost less than Japanese or German ones. Taking into consideration the specificity of all the motorcycles and the fact that separate parts have to be changed frequently enough; this nuance is important at the choice of a motorcycle.

Chinese motorcycles Zhejiang CFMOTO logo

Of course, one can find defects and disadvantages in any items if one wants. However, the bikers, who made their choice in favor of Chinese motorcycles, find more advantages, than disadvantages, and do not regret about their choice.



Founded: 2004

Baltmotors motorcycles are represented by a broad range from enduro to cruiser. For many years, its mcies and scooters remain sales hits and one of the most popular models for starting bikers. Excellent configuration, reliable components, high-quality assembly and a reasonable price – here are the key advantages of Baltmotors mcies.



Founded: 2001

Irbis bikes are for people without star sickness. These are the workhorses, which, in case of due care, will serve faithfully for a long time. Their range is wide. The road Irbis mcies are produced for speed lovers; the off-road mcies are for those who want to feel the taste of a victory over a road. Irbis scooters let neither depend on traffic jams nor face a challenge of parking.


lifan logo

Information: Lifan logo description
Founded: 1992

The line of Lifan bikes includes different classes of mcies (from enduro up to choppers), and they all are sufficiently cheap from a perspective of buying as well as in service. At the same time, the experience of owners shows: Lifan mcies do not break often. Lifan bikes are cheap, but, in the majority of cases, are very practical.


Zongshen logo

Information: Zongshen logo description
Founded: 1992

Since the moment of its foundation, the Zongshen Group company has been producing mcies under two trademarks: ZONGSHEN and ZIP STAR, – initially positioning the trademark ZIP STAR as a representative of the premium-class mcies. But afterward, such a separation did not pay off, because the trademark ZONGSHEN won a great popularity all over the world.



Founded: 1999

Keeway Motor is one of the biggest motorcycle construction companies in China. Technical and program principles of creation of mcies are the key feature of work of Keenway constructors. Each mcy of the company Keeway Motor is a carefully designed and assembled construction. The range of this Chinese producer consists mainly of choppers.



Founded: 1954

These motorcycles from Taiwan are manufactured only there; they hold the top mark among similar analogs from China. It is due to their original design and relatively low price, which is clearly below analogs. In a case, if a means of transport for every day at a low price and of a decent look is necessary, SYM motorcycles will perfectly fit.



Founded: 1993

Loncin was founded in 1993 in the Chongqing. Loncin is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for some engines of BMW. In 2012, Loncin became the second biggest producer of motorcycles in China, then its volume of production became more than 1,5 million units. The producer is also the biggest exporter: 45% of its products go for export.



Founded: 1987

Jialing is a producer of an old school. The make Jialing founded in 1875 started its activity as a producer of military equipment. The situation changed in 1975 since the switch to the production of civil mcies. Jialing exports its production to more than 90 countries. Since 1981, the make works with Honda, developing traditions of the eco-friendly production.

Jialing anticipates trends in production of large motorcycles.



Founded: 1956

Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co. Ltd was founded in 1956 and is a state subsidiary company of China South Industries Group Corporation. In 1985, Qingqi became the first company in China in the production of scooters in the partnership with Suzuki. In China, the make Qingqi became a synonym of the word “scooter” as Vespa in western countries. Qingqi is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for a number of international companies, inter alia, Suzuki, Mercury Marine, and Peugeot.