Motorcycle Brands

Russian motorcycles

As means of transport, the motorcycles premiered in the twentieth years of the XXth century. They had special popularity in West until they appeared in Russia in the 1950s.

Japanese motorcycles


There are several reasons to pay attention to Japanese motorcycles: Mcies are not a whimsy in Japan, but an ordinary transport vehicle, the use of which is justified by its economy;

Italian motorcycles

There are no people who would not hear about such known manufacturers as Ducati or MV Agusta. The pleasant dynamics and unique design made these bikes the most salable ones in the world market.

Indian motorcycles

This country does not produce many classical motorcycles, in the usual understanding of these words. There are very few of those ones among them, which the Indians design themselves.

German motorcycles

The motorcycles produced in Germany since the beginning of the 1930s and at the end of the 1940s came up very well not only for civil use but at hard front battles of the Second World War.

Chinese motorcycles

The Chinese road motorcycles got a great popularity among two-wheel transport lovers. The variety of these two-wheel machines is very wide. Over 130 makes operate in China.

British motorcycles


Britain is the industrial state, which, besides original cars of a “Deluxe” class, produces chic motorcycles. The British two and three wheels’ items’ industry began to form more than a century ago.

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