Motorcycle Brands

Other motorcycles

Whatever the case, even not popular motorcycle brands have their own, sometimes unexpected history. Also, they may possess an unusual design, outstanding technical performance, unique logo and some other inimitable advantages.

Taiwan motorcycles

Taiwan is mainly a country of scooters, more than 90% of motorcycles here are scooters. The production of motorcycles in Taiwan has already developed for more than 50 years, and the quality of local facilities is highly competitive with Japanese and European ones.

Sweden motorcycles

The vehicles of the Swedish production are traditionally considered the safest ones; Swedish developers and engineers give primary attention to this feature. It refers to motorcycles as well.

Estonia motorcycles

Estonia is located in the north of Europe, on the shores of the Baltic sea. It belongs to the EU. The machinery manufacturing of Estonia is represented by the production of radio apparatus, electric equipment, and equipment for shale reprocessing and mining.

France motorcycles

France ranks third in Europe in the volume of production of two-wheel transport vehicles with a motor. And it ranks fourth in Europe in the quantity of motorcycles on roads.

Czechia motorcycles

If one talks about classics, the motorcycles from Czechia were famous for their availability and quality, if it is about modern models – for low costs and engineering solutions.

Australian motorcycles

Few people know about the existence of an Australian car make Bolwell. Nevertheless, from 1969 to 1972, the company which brothers Bolwell owned, produced the car model Nagari.

Austria motorcycles

After 1995, a noticeable growth of industrial production happened in Austria. However, the automobile industry and production of motorcycles remain insufficiently developed and consist mainly in the production of engines and gearboxes.

Spain motorcycles

The Spanish can be confidently called conscious motorheads. For instance, Barcelona takes the first place in Europe for the number of motorcycles per capita.

Motorcycles USA


Without the activity of many Americans, the lines of modern motorcycles could be much poorer. The Americans affected the development of road motorcycles more than other nations.

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