Buell Logo

Buell Logo
Founded: 1983
Buell founder: Erik Buell
Buell headquarters: East Troy, Wisconsin, U.S.
Buell parent: Harley-Davidson

Buell Motorcycle Company ceased to exist in 2009, but it had an interesting history and managed to make a range of outstanding machines.

Buell Motorcycles logo meaning and history

Buell Logo history

The badge Buell motorcycles bear contains the name of the former road racer and Harley-Davidson engineer Erik Buell, who established Buell Motorcycles in 1983.

Interestingly enough, Buell constructed his first vehicle, the RW750, not as a production model. He had only one purpose: to take part in the AMA Formula 1 race. Buell made two RW750 motorcycles, and then changed his focus: he became more interested in creating racing-inspired street motorcycles.

Four years after the company was established, its first dealership appeared. In 1993 the company got a half a million investment from Harley, and an almost 50% share went to this motorcycle manufacturer. Five years later Harley acquired more shares and made Buell its subsidiary.

Buell Motorcycles emblems

Buell Motorcycles emblems

Although the Buell emblem stayed mostly the same, it was slightly modified over time. These changes were partly due to the development of new designer tendencies, and also to changes in the company’s ownership. However, the Buell badge has always been focused on conveying the idea of speed.

Buell Motorcycles symbol

Buell Motorcycles symbol

The Buell Motorcycle Company logo is all about speed. It uses two images that symbolize how fast these vehicles are. The first one is a horse; the second one is wings. So, we have an image of a winged horse, which, regarding symbolic meaning, can be translated as double speed.

Who makes Buell motorcycles?

For the first ten years of its existence the Buell Motorcycle Company was an independent manufacturer, but even then it often used modified Harley engines (in most cases, the same as those used in the Sportster). When Harley-Davidson bought 49% of the company in 1993, the motorcycles it produced started to be more and more Harley-based, yet they still had Buell’s creative stamp, as he stayed in the company. Currently, Buell motorcycles are out of production.

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