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bianchi logoFounded: 1885
Bianchi headquarters: Milan, Italy
Bianchi parent: Cycleurope Group

Company F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A appeared in 1885 in Milan. Then she was known as a bicycle manufacturer.
In 1895, according to the decree No. 969 of King Umberto I, Bianchi was appointed the official supplier of the royal court. In 1897, Bianchi attached the motor to a tricycle, and in 1901 the first motorcycle of the company went on sale.

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Right after the First World War, a single-cylinder machine with three gears and the “Bianchi” logo entered the market. In 1925, Bianchi achieved serious success with a 350 cm3 racing motorcycle. It was followed by a similar in design motorcycle with an engine volume of 500 cm3, which for the first time took part in the race.

During the Second World War, the plant was completely destroyed. After the restoration, one of the first cars produced was Stelvio with a 250 cc engine.

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The company offered buyers practical models of Bianchin and Aquilitto with two-stroke engines of 125 and 45 cm3.

In the early 1950’s. “Bianchi”, having moved to a new address, created and produced mopeds, scooters and other light sports cars with engines less than 250 cm3 in volume.

The desire to produce as many models as possible, as well as a temporary drop in sales on the motor market, put Bianchi in a difficult position, and in the early 1970s, it was liquidated.