Beta Logo

Beta Logo
Founded: 1904
Beta headquarters: Rignano sull’Arno, Italy

The Betamotor Company has its origins in 1904 as a 2-wheel transport manufacturing company. It was founded in Florence and named “Società Giuseppe Bianchi.” Initially, it produced bicycles. The whole process was manual with almost no mechanization.

In the beginning of the 40’s, the company started high-volume production and took name “Beta.” In 1948, it produced its first motorcycle, but true popularity in motorcycle world came in 1987 when Spaniard Jordi Tarrés has become the FIM Trial World Championship winner on a Beta motorcycle. Beta still is the leader in Trial sport.

Beta symbol

The current production program includes scooters with 50 cc and 150 cc motors, road motorcycles and dual-purpose motorcycles with 50 cc and 350 cc motors, child and professional trials bikes and child dirt bikes.