Bajaj Logo

Bajaj Logo
Founded: 1945
Bajaj headquarters: Pune, India
Bajaj parent: Bajaj Group

An Indian entrepreneur Jamnalal Bajaj founded the Bajaj Group in 1926. Bajaj industry included machine building, heavy metallurgy, and light manufacturing. In 1945, the new Bachraj Trading Company was established, which should import advanced vehicles from Europe.

In the middle of 20th-century concern obtained a license to manufacture Vespa Brand and Lambretta Brand Scooters.

By 1959, the Government of India transferred the license of the production of Vespa to Bachraj Company. Bajaj was restructured into Bajaj Auto and one year after mass production of 14 cub.m, Bajaj motorcycle was initiated in India.

Since the beginning of 1971, tricycle scooters production was initiated, and a little later auto-rickshaws was produced.

Bajaj Symbol

In the 80’s, scooters with small-capacity engine enhanced industrial base of the company. In 1986, Bajaj reached an agreement with Kawasaki Concern and rapid production of new motorcycles was initiated, in the beginning, it was motorcycles with 2-stroke motors, later – 4-stroke motors and the volume 100 cc and 125 cc.

At the beginning of the 90‘s, the range of Bajaj products had continued to expand rapidly: since 1990, it was initiated the production of Bajaj Sunny scooters (the master – Benelli 550), since 1996 – Bajaj Rave scooters with 2-stroke motors and the volume 50 cc and 70 cc. In 1998, the production of Bajaj Spirit scooters was initiated and new 150 cc 4-stroke motor – Bajaj Legend.

The Bajaj Company provide a huge range of modern and promising scooters and motorcycles.