Austria motorcycles

After the 1995, a noticeable growth of industrial production happened in Austria. However, the automobile industry and production of motorcycles remain insufficiently developed and consist mainly in production of engines and gearboxes.


The share of exports is 90%. There are many firms of components` suppliers in Austria. It is recognized that the future of the production development in Austria, inter alia, of motorcycles belongs to these firms.



In the 1988, Tomas Gustafson joined the ones, who lost work as an employee of MV Augusta, found sponsors and started the production of motorcycles of the make Husaberg. Since the 1988, the company has been manufacturing off- road and supermoto motorcycles. In the 1995, a bankruptcy threatened the company Husaberg and the Austrian firm KTM became its owner. Since the 2003, the production of motorcycles moved to Austria. Five years later, Husaberg disrupted the motorcycle industry, having produced a four-cycle engine with the spiral angle of the cylinder in 70 degrees. In the 2012, KTM completely changed Husaberg line of motorcycles, using the newest technologies and inventions.



Puch is the biggest motorcycle producer in Austria over the history of its motorcycle industry existence. Historical roots of the company trace back to the 19th century. Initially, the company was specialized in creation of comfortable city motorcycle facilities, but since the second half of the 20th century, the Austrian constructors switched to the design of sport off- road motorcycles. At the moment, the motorcycle construction company Puch does not exist. In the 1987, this famous brand of Austria became a part of the giant European car concern Piaggio.



The history of the company Rotax began in the 1920, when the firm ROTAX-WERK AG was founded in Dresden. In the 1943, the company moved to neighboring Austria. Rotax rose to international fame in the 1950, when the enterprise Lohnerwerke GmbH started production of a motor scooter LOHNER. In the end of the 1950s, Canadian corporation L’Auto-Neige Bombardier in cooperation with Rotax started the batch production of snowmobiles Ski-Doo. Then this corporation bought the entire company Rotax. The Austrian plant afterwards changed its name to Rotax Bombardier and now its full name is BRP — Powertrain GmbH & Co KG.



The known Austrian KTM company has been manufacturing motorcycles since the 1954. The engineer Hans Trunkenpolz founded it. KTM is famous for its racing and sport off-road motorcycles, although not long ago, the company began to win authority in production of street motorcycles as well. Starting from the 1990, KTM motorcycles are designed with the help of KiskaDesign, a design firm in Salzburg. The same firm is responsible for general branding of KTM and design of cars, stores, exhibitions and printed sales support.