Aprilia logo

Aprilia logo
Founded: 1945
Aprilia headquarters: Noale, Italy
Aprilia parent: Piaggio & Co. SpA
Website: www.aprilia.com

Aprilia (Aprilia S.P.A.) was founded in 1945. It is an Italian company for the production of bicycles, motorcycles and motor scooters. Its headquarters are in Noale. Now it belongs to the big car manufacturer Piaggio & C. SpA. Aprilia’s modern line includes road motorcycles, scooters, racing motorcycles.

Aprilia logo Meaning and History

The firm Aprilia S.P.A was founded in postwar years. Initially, it engaged in the production of bicycles. Later, in 1968, on the initiative of Ivano Baggio, the son of the company owner, the production of inexpensive mopeds, designed on the basis of the company bicycles and purchased 50-cube engines, was launched. The initiative turned successful, and the volumes of production of mopeds started to rise, having reached their climax in the 1980s.

Aprilia logo

In 1988, the dual sport motorcycle Aprilia RX50 fit with a one-cylinder two-stroke engine appeared in the company’s production line. The model turned so successful that, having undergone some modifications, it took the place of honor in the family of the company products.

At the end of the 1980s, besides the small cubature items, the production of motorcycles with high cubic capacity engines was organized at the plants of the company. There were motorcycles of the dual purpose of the series Pegaso equipped with the one-cylinder five-valve engine with the working volume of 600 and 650 cube cm.

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In 1990, the firm produced its first scooter – an item with modern plastic coating and a variator locked with a two-stroke engine. Then in 1992, the debut of the scooter Scarabeo, the most popular machine in the company’s production program, took place. Since that time, more than 400 thousand of these scooters were produced in various modifications.

Aprilia symbol

At the beginning of the 2000s, the production of scooters reached the significant fraction of total volumes of the company’s production. However, the production of motorcycles also increased constantly. The leader of the models` range – the sports bike Aprilia RSV Mille– served as a prototype for the creation of more sporting modifications, as well as of a serial street fighter.

logo Aprilia

In 2000, Aprilia acquired such glorious Italian motorcycle companies as Moto Guzzi and Laverda. The company manufactures mopeds and scooters, road motorcycles, dual sport motorcycles, as well as sport appliances, mainly motorcycles for the highway-ring races.

Now the company Aprilia produces about 300 thousand two-wheel cars a year and takes the second place in Europe after the concern Pyadzhio by the total production of motorcycles.

Aprilia logo description

Aprilia logo description

Aprilia logo is simple and laconic enough. It is a red rectangle with the brand name inside. The font color is white.

The logo of the enterprise in combination with its name is the most significant investment in the business. Aprilia logo creates a recognizable and clear image of the trademark. It contributes to the increase of sales and potential consumer attention’s attraction ratios.

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