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Motorcycle logos

Some badges are so famous that everyone recognizes them immediately. However, there are quite a few not so popular makes of motorcycles. When you encounter such a badge somewhere, you may be very curious about what the manufacturer of this vehicle is. Using our Internet resource, you will be able to discover the manufacturer of almost any motorcycle by the logo. We list tenths of manufacturers, including rare and defunct ones.

The History of Motorcycle Brands

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While the world motorcycle history started from the German brand Reitwagen, it was the Indian brand that was the motorcycle pioneer in America. Indian sold the first bikes in the US. When an average American wanted to say “a reliable and powerful bike”, he said “Indian”, not “Harley” (Harley appeared much later).
However, in the course of time the balance of power started to change. While Indian put an emphasis on technology and innovation, its competitor, Harley-Davidson, focused on creating its own culture (“Harley as a way of life”). Harley’s approach won. Although, historically, Indian was the first, today it is Harley-Davidson that boasts larges sales volumes and is more recognizable (both, in and outside the US).
Still, both of them share the glory of being America’s most known motorcycle brands today. That’s because both of them put a lot of effort not only into the technological advancement of the vehicles, but into improving their exterior, too. No wonder, it is often said that while the motorcycle itself was born in Europe, the design of contemporary bike undoubtedly appeared in the US.

Contemporary Motorcycle Brands

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Without any doubt, the largest brand in the US today is Harley-Davidson. This fact can be explained mostly with its wise (or even brilliant) advertising strategy, which the company adopted in its earliest days. Although initially, Harley-Davidson was behind Indian, it managed to quickly go the way from a little-known brand to the symbol of freedom and independence, the symbol of a certain way of life, of the American dream. Come to think of it, now Harley-Davidson can compete with Japanese bikes neither regarding technology nor price-power ratio. And yet, from the point of view of status and image, this brand leaves its competitors behind.
The list of well-known US motorcycles also includes American Ironhorse, Titan, and Triumph. All of them have an impressive product range, while the retro-motorcycles produced by Mustang catch the eye with their unique look.